Herbarium was created to fill a void in the industry. We find the experience is just as important as the product itself. Our Cannoisseurs are hand selected for their passion of opening consumers' eyes to more natural alternatives, in place of widely used synthetic systems of relief. Often misunderstood, we strive to make the benefits of cannabis approachable and understandable to all demographics by shedding negative stigmas and providing solutions to everyday problems. We live & operate by the motto Educate. Advocate. Elevate. Educate our customers about the potential of different products in treating their ailments. Advocate for those who utilize cannabis for healthy, daily function; to improve the quality of their lives without fear of judgement. Elevate the overall experience of Cannabis by controlling its timeline, from seed to consumption, to assure superior quality. Herbarium believes that cannabis is not only a part of our history and culture, but a part of our future. Herbarium proudly works with the local fire department, law enforcement, city officials, and participates in both community outreach & charities to continue a positive narrative aiming to advance the status quo. If your beliefs align with ours, come experience cannabis as it should be.